4 Elements to Think When Making Greenhouse Apartments

4 Elements to Think When Making Greenhouse Apartments

Living in an urban setting sometimes limits us to enjoy fresh air and grow our own plants, but thanks to greenhouse apartments, you can now continue your botanical hobbies, even though you are living in the midst of urban density.

Basically, an indoor greenhouse is an area devoted to planting various kinds of plants that you like, but with limited soil size. This trick is often used by vertical apartment residents who want to feel the excitement of planting something.

Greenhouse Apartments

Greenhouse Apartments
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The only obstacle in planting plants in the apartment is the space for planting. Many people think that to plant something, they need a large enough room, but they are wrong. There are several methods that allow you to plant in a small space.

If you want to plant something but still save space, you can implement the vertical planting method. There are already many design ideas about this method available on the internet. Plus, if your placement is right, you can save both water and sun rays with this method.


When talking about planting, it always includes the need for soil, fertilizer, water, and enough sunlight so that plants can develop. Those aren’t practical at all, at least for the residents of the apartment. They need something that clean and sleek and easy for their apartment.

There are various other options besides going for the hard and dirty way to plant something in greenhouse apartments. One of the most likely options is to use closed space planting. This method can help overcome scattered soil and fertilizer; just prepare a water-resistant container for your plants.

Sun Rays

Sunlight is a crucial component for photosynthesize. If you live in a top-level apartment, you don’t need to worry. But if the sunlight is covered by the building, what should be done?

The most appropriate way is to move your entire greenhouse to the roof of the apartment. The majority of apartments have flat roofs that allow you to do many things on it. Just make sure that you get the permission from your landlord first.

Sun Rays Greenhouse Apartments

Sun Rays Greenhouse Apartments
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One of the things to think about before starting to plant is to choose what plants are suitable for planting in limited conditions such as in an apartment. For starters, you will definitely need plants that are small and easy to care for, here are some of them:

  • Cactus
  • Sunflower
  • Green beans
  • Herbs
  • Carrots

Some of the plants above do not produce much more than other plants, but can still be used as a training method for those who have just tried indoor planting. After successfully planting these plants, you can switch to plants that are more difficult to maintain.

That is the four points that must be considered before you start implementing greenhouse apartments. The most important thing is that you have a firm intention and stance to continue to care for these plants. Because of various limitations, indoor planting may look a bit difficult, but it’s worth it.

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