4 Notoriously Dangerous Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

4 Notoriously Dangerous Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The more days, the environmental conditions on this earth are increasingly unclear. As a result of greenhouse gas emissions, other sectors are also affected. But, humans don’t seem to understand the impact and dangers, even though the effect is clearly visible.

The lack of education about environment, the progress of industrial world, and the arrogance of authorities are some reasons why the earth is getting worse. Before you take action regarding this, make sure you first understand the impact of gas emissions.

Damaging Ozone Layers

Damaging Ozone Layers
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As we know, the majority of energy on earth is sourced from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels such as gasoline and oil are indeed the most effective fuels for now, but also include fuels with a large amount of exhaust gas.

All forms of exhaust gases produced will inevitably lead to space, and what limits the entire earth and outer space is those of thin layers of ozone. But unfortunately, pollution and exhaust gases turned out to be able to damage this layer and make it malfunction.

Therefore, many people are starting to switch to alternative energy, such as:

  • Electricity
  • Geothermal
  • Kinetic
  • Water-based

The Earth is Heating up

Previously it was explained if due to greenhouse gas emissions, the ozone layer began to break down and malfunction. This damage has resulted in greenhouse effect, where the condition of earth is now more like a greenhouse: the heat from sun rays is trapped within the earth and can’t go out.

Since the sun’s heat cannot be reflected out of earth, the temperature inside is increasing. That is why in recent years, there have been many weather phenomena that changed drastically.

Sea-level Increasing

It doesn’t stop there, as a result of the increase in the earth’s temperature; the whole earth is now faced with a new problem, namely the melting of ice in both poles. You might think that this event will not give you any impact, but let me explain it to you.

Abnormal geothermal finally melts the polar ice, breaking it into small enough pieces. This chunk then drifts off while melting little by little until it melts completely. As a result of the melting ice, the sea volume will increase.

If the ice continues to melt and increase the volume of water, the sea-level can increase significantly. For you who live in the central part of the island may feel safe. Howqever, for those who live on the coast, this can lead to the possibility of tsunami.

High Pollution Means Low Quality Of Health

High Pollution Means Low Quality Of Health
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As a result of activities that use fossil fuels intensely, coupled with the lack of the ability of the ecosystem to carry out air filtration, the air quality becomes very lacking. Declining air quality can cause respiratory problems, even death.

There is already a lot of evidence of damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions, but many people still ignore it. For this reason, let us look after the earth together, and give it a quality of life that increases every time.

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