4 Interesting Bedroom Lighting Ideas

4 Interesting Bedroom Lighting Ideas

One of bedroom functions is to rest, and one way to stimulate our brain to be able to rest is through the decoration of light. Here are some bedroom lighting ideas that might be useful for your bedroom.

Lighting in bedroom is crucial because this room has a dual function; as a place to move and rest. That is why lighting arrangement must also remain functional, but it can also help our body to rest optimally.

The Minimalistic Dot

The Minimalistic Dot
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Contrary to popular belief, designing a bedroom lamp does not require a large lamp, provided the arrangement is quite appropriate. What’s more, in today’s era, there are LED type lights that produce enough bright light with minimalist size.

However, one problem with this lighting is the determination of the nuances to be achieved, whether for functional or relaxation? The answer is both of them. You can provide a considerable distance, so the light range is not too bright at night.

Chandelier-typed Lamp

This type of lighting is usually found in Victoria style bedrooms, which are equipped with king-sized beds and mosquito nets at the top for decoration, but at the same time can also be used to hang lights. Because of that, these small bedroom ideas are able to make your bedroom looks more classical.

Well, chandeliers that are suitable for your room can be made of various materials, such as:

  • Glass
  • Small light bulbs
  • Transparent plastic
  • Light strip

The Wall Fixture

The Wall Fixture
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There are other ways to combine general lighting and lighting support, namely by crashing the light from the lamp onto the wall. This method is powerful enough for those of you who have not too large sized bedrooms.

You can also maximize the power of light by making light-impacted walls that have bright colors, such as yellow or light green. Wall lighting techniques like this will also be more suitable if placed opposite one another, rather than on the whole wall.

Downlight Pattern

The next method in installing lights in the bedroom is through downlight. This is a type of lamp installation that appears from the pillar provided below, usually placed on a display case. Of course, you will need support in this particular bedroom lighting ideas to put the lights on.

If you don’t like monotonous patterns, you can also combine this type of downlight lighting with a wall fixture, so that the light produced will come from top and bottom. However, you also have to keep the distance between the lights so that the light produced is not too bright.

All the tips described above are able to satisfy all the needs of various people. You just choose which type of lighting that suits you best, of course, adjusted to the capacity of your room.

Most importantly, you can now continue to work and rest in the room, with adequate lighting for both occasions. In addition, all of these bedroom lighting ideas can also be used as easy and inexpensive room decoration ideas.

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