2 of one of the most Lovely Mosques in the World and the Photos to Verify It

2 of one of the most Lovely Mosques in the World and the Photos to Verify It

Anyone that’s had the advantage of taking a trip in a Muslim-majority country like Azerbaijan or Tunisia can inform you concerning exactly how magnificent Islamic architecture around the world can be. Whether you’re discovering the famed Blue Mosque in Istanbul or the much less visited Blue Mosque in Yerevan, stepping into a mosque for a non-Muslim is both academic and also spiritual. Here are some of the most attractive mosques in the world, with travel stories as well as coming with the photos of mosques to assist you intend which ones you want to visit.


When individuals consider Islamic countries, a lot of point initially of the Middle East. Nevertheless, Central as well as Southeast Asia have a few of one of the most incredible mosques on the planet.

Taj-ul-Masjid in India.

Taj-ul-Masjid ways ‘Crown of Mosques’ and is just one of the biggest mosques in India and Asia that can suit as much as 10,000 individuals at once. Taj-ul-Masjid is located in Bhopal, the state funding city of Madhya Pradesh in main India; the mosque dominates the cityscape of Bhopal. The building of Taj-ul-Masjid was appointed by Shahjahan Begum (not to be mistaken for the Mughal leader Shah Jahan that built Taj Mahal), a women ruler in Bhopal during the 19th century when Bhopal was ruled by imperial family members controlled by ladies leaders– the Begums. Need to you intend to take a trip in Bhopal, enroll in a walking excursion that brings you to Taj-ul-Masjid as well as much of the old heritage and also style in the walled city of Old Bhopal.

The Blue Mosque in Armenia.

The Blue Mosque in Yerevan is an extremely unique mosque in Yerevan’s town hall that is a must-visit for any kind of traveler coming to Armenia’s funding city. The mosque was constructed in the 18th century and is a Shia mosque. Something that makes heaven Mosque truly worth a visit is that it is the only mosque in Armenia sholat dhuha, the country that asserts legal rights to being the native home of Christianity. Because its completion in 1768, it held spiritual services till 1931 when the Soviet Union abolished all religious activity in and at the mosque. The USSR after that transformed the mosque right into a museum as well as it housed the History Museum of Yerevan. In 1999, the mosque underwent a facelift funded by Iran and the Iranians residing in Yerevan as well as religious solutions commenced. Today, the mosque is under Iranian possession and that will last for the following 80 years approximately. I have visited this mosque on many celebrations and I truly love it since the premises are serene and deal refuge from the busy city right outside. There are apricot as well as cherry trees on the facilities, and throughout the springtime roses and flowers are scattered throughout the grounds. The Blue Mosque uses insight on a different piece of Yerevan history as well as I believe it is necessary to see all aspects when seeing a place … not just what the city is traditionally recognized for.

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