Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Can You Drink Too Much Water?

You’ve heard it a million times. When it’s warm outside or you’re exercising, consume alcohol lots of water. It’s exactly how your body remains hydrated.

But can there be too much of an excellent thing? In rare cases, consuming a severe amount in a short time can be harmful. It can trigger the degree of salt, or sodium, in your blood to drop as well reduced. That’s a condition called hyponatremia.It’s really serious, as well as can be fatal. You may hear it called water intoxication.

How much would you have to drink? An enormous quantity. Gallons and also gallons of water.

” These are extremely isolated situations, as well as this is extremely uncommon,” says Sharon Bergquist, MD. She’s an assistant teacher of medication at Emory College Institution of Medicine in Atlanta. “More people by far and also away are dehydrated, [instead] than having an issue with over-hydration.”

What Is Water Intoxication?

If you drink a container of water occasionally when you exercise or when you’re hot, you’ll be great. Where you encounter problems is consuming alcohol way too much too quick.

” Youthful, healthy and balanced individuals don’t normally [obtain hyponatremia] unless they drink litres and liters of water at once, since your kidneys can only [expel] concerning half a litre at a lot of a hr,” claims Chris McStay, MD. He’s an emergency medicine medical professional at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “You’re consuming alcohol greater than your kidneys can pee out.”


The concern boils down to sodium levels. One of salt’s tasks is to balance the liquids around your cells. Drinking way too much water creates an imbalance, and the liquid relocations from your blood to inside your cells, making them swell. Swelling inside the brain is serious and also requires immediate treatment.

Often babies can have concerns. Their bodies are so small that they can’t manage lots of water. That’s why doctors say babies should consume just milk or formula.

Then there are the cases like hazing routines and also advertised competitions where people consume large quantities deliberately.

Signs and also Therapy

The warning signs of hyponatremia look a whole lot like the signs of heatstroke as well as exhaustion. You may be warm, have a frustration, and just feel crummy. Other very early symptoms can include diarrhea, queasiness, and vomiting.

” If you see someone like that, draw them aside, placed them in the shade, and speak with them,” McStay claims. It’s commonly hard to tell the difference, he claims, in between water intoxication as well as heat fatigue, “unless you know they drank 6 gallons of water.”

If you do not get assist as soon as possible, the problem can rapidly bring about swelling in the mind, seizures, and also coma. Get to an emergency clinic as soon as you can. Physicians there can infuse concentrated salt water to reduce swelling and also reverse troubles.

Guidance as well as Prevention
The best method to prevent hyponatremia is to see to it you do not consume alcohol means greater than you sweat out. However that’s hard to measure.

Professionals claim beverage up until you do not feel dehydrated, then stop. Or check things out when you bowel movement.

” I tell individuals to check out your pee,” McStay states. “If it’s dark, you’re possibly dried out, and you need to drink. However you wouldn’t want to be peeing, peeing, peeing, and it’s clear. Then you’re peeing out almost clear water and you have an issue.”

In some cases, it assists to have sporting activities drinks as opposed to plain water if you understand you’ll be working hard. Sports drinks have sodium and also other electrolytes. But excessive liquid of any kind too quickly can create issues.

We have actually constantly been told to stay moisturized while exercising, Bergquist claims. “Yet there’s a fine line. It is very important to listen to your body. If you’re pressing fluids beyond the factor it’s comfortable, it’s an indicator it’s time to stop drinking.”

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