5 Public Transportation In Semarang You Could Choose

5 Public Transportation In Semarang You Could Choose

Semarang is one of the cities in Central Java who already has the sophistication of today’s technology. The city which is also famous for its delicious spring rolls taste is also becoming the city’s place for tourist on vacation. Because indeed Semarang city has several tourist destination very interesting and a pity to miss.

Besides that Semarang city is currently one of them city with several the best university in Indonesia. Because this factor then more people from outside the city who come to Semarang to study at one of the best university in the Semarang city. It cannot be denied if the quality of education in the city of Semarang has very high quality.

5 Public Transportation That You Can Use In Semarang

Not only new students who came to Semarang but also many dosmetic and foreign tourists who come to this city for vacation. If you live in Malang and want to feel a vacation in Semarang city then you can use travel Semarang Malang which you can find easily on several online websites. When you are in Semarang so you can use some of this public transportation.

1. Microbuses

Source : tribunnews.com

Microbuses or often called angkot is a vehicle which has existed since ancient times and is still used today. This vehicle shaped car can be said to be types of public transportation that are very cheap to make as a transportation vehicle every day. But now many microbuses are being updated making it more comfortable to use.

2. Taxi

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If you are looking for comfortable public transportation and like a private vehicle then you can use taxi. In the Semarang city there are already many taxi companies that offer service for you use. Even because of the technological sophistication that has entered the Semarang city then you can order taxi via your smartphone.

3. BRT Trans Semarang

Source : gesuri.id

Not only inter-provincial buses like travel Semarang Malang but in Semarang city there is a city bus that you can use for traveling while on vacation in Semarang city. The name of the city bus in Semarang is BRT Trans Semarang. Different from city buses usually where in the BRT Trans Semarang are equipped with AC and friendly bus conductors.

4. Delman

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Have you ever ridden a wooden train pulled by horse power? In the Semarang city you can try this unique type of public transportation. To rent a delman you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Because rental fees set by delman owners are very cheap and can rent for one package which of course you can get a discount.

5. Taxibike

Source : metro.tempo.co

The next type of public transportation in Semarang city that you can use is taxibike. There are many types of taxibike in this city which you can try when you want to travel while in Semarang. The type of taxibike that is currently popular and most often used by many people is online taxibike.

When you are in Semarang so you don’t need to worry about what transportation you will use. Because in Semarang there are lots of public transportation and one of them is travel Semarang Malang.

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