Henrich Focke Biography as the World-Famous Aircraft Designer

Henrich Focke Biography as the World-Famous Aircraft Designer

Henrich Focke was one of the most famous aircraft designers in the world. This Bremen-born aviation pioneer also had invented numerous innovations that helped the aviation industry to grow, including the invention of turbo shaft propulsion system.

If you are interested in aviation world and want to know more about the German aircraft designer, you can read his full biography down below. It contains everything about the aircraft designer.

Early Life

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The German aviation pioneer was born on October 8th 1890 in Bremen, Germany. His father, Johann Focke, and his mother, Louise Stamer, were middle class workers who worked full time to support the family. Little Henrich grew up happily and enjoy loving relationship within the family.

In his youth, young Henrich was always fascinated to aircraft, even though back in the day aircrafts were very rare. These fractionations make him realize that he needs to study the science behind aviation world. This is why he tried to finish school and go to university.


After basic education in Bremen, the inventor started to study at Leibniz Universität Hannover, taking engineering as his Henrich Focke graduated in 1920 with Engineer’s degree in his hand. He was a very bright student and he graduated with distinction.

With the degree, Henrich started to apply to work. Of course he was looking for jobs related to aircraft and helicopter, even though sometimes he ended up applying for jobs that he didn’t even like to do later on.

Aviation Career

Being fascinated to aviation world since very young age, Henrich who got engineering degree in his hand started to develop inventions in this area. He managed to create turbo shaft propulsion system. This system is used by modern helicopters to this day.

The inventor was then nicknamed as the “Father of Helicopter”, especially after he established his own company that mass produces helicopter and planes parts as well as designing them. Some of the most famous helicopter and aircraft designed by Henrich are still in use to this day.

Aircraft Designing Career

The company established by Henrich Focke, Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG, did serial productions of numerous models of aircrafts, including the ones designed personally by the inventor, such as the Focke-Wulf light aircraft. This aircraft was loved by numerous big companies around the world.

Later Life and Death

Throughout his career, the inventor travelled around the world to develop aircraft and helicopter designs. In his later life, he moved back to Germany permanently to get focused on finishing his works as well as being closer to his family.

He died of an unknown cause on February 25th 1979, he was 89 years old. He passed away in Bremen, his home town. 14 years later in 1993, he was induced to the Hall of Fame for International Air & Space. He received full honor on his inventions and contribution in aviary world.

Those are everything you need to know about the German inventor. He was dubbed as helicopter legend for reasons. Without his inventions, the world today won’t be able to enjoy modern aviation technology that has been around these days. This is Henrich Focke why will always be remembered.


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