About Sinusitis Desease: Description

About Sinusitis Desease: Description

Disease that results from inflammation or infection of the sinus wall is called Sinusitis.

Usually this happens because of a blockage in it.

Sinusitis Explanation

The location of the sinuses is behind the eyes, including the structure of the cheekbones and just behind the forehead bone.

Normally the sinuses are used to filter the air that humans breathe and regulate the humidity of the air entering the lungs.

This disease can attack anyone.

Although it looks trivial, the consequences can be fatal.

Get to know more about this disease so that you can cope well when contracted.

What are the main causes and symptoms?

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Sinusitis can occur due to an infection due to bacteria or fungi that affect the upper respiratory tract.

Usually patients have a history of allergies which causes the sinus passageway to runny nose buried in the sinuses.

This is why bacteria and fungi can develop and cause you to get this disease.

In addition, some of the conditions below will also cause sinusitis such as:


Infected teeth near the sinus area

Fungi that enter through the nasal cavity


At first glance, the cause is very simple and may not be realized because it just happened.

For that, recognize the initial signs that may appear in patients.

Early Signs or Symptoms

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The following are symptoms that are commonly felt by early stage sinusitis sufferers, including:

In the back of the eye feels pain, caused by ethmoid sinusitis.

Behind the eyes, the crown and temples are painful, caused by sphenoid sinusitis.

Eyebrows and forehead are painful due to frontal sinusitis.

Cheeks and teeth for pain due to maxillary sinusitis.

The sinus area if the finger is tapped and the head is shaken is painful.

The nose is blocked, runny and always slimy.

Yellow or greenish discharge from the nose or the ceiling of the throat.

The smell of the nose decreases over a long period of time.

Continuous fever and cough.

The taste on the tongue decreases.

Dangers of Sinusitis (Due to Sinusitis)

Snot Yellow or Green

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When a cold actually snot will also experience a phase where it is green or yellow.

This color usually comes from white blood cells that die because they try to fight bacteria and viruses in the body.

But when the common cold, this phase will not occur too long, at least for only a week.

But if the nose keeps getting runny nose or green for a long time, then you need to be suspicious if it is a result of sinusitis.

Face feels pain, especially in area T

Common cold will not cause any pain.

Only you have difficulty breathing and are uncomfortable when lying down.

But if you suffer from sinusitis, the T area, especially in the middle of the forehead, will feel very painful due to swelling in the sinus cavity.

In fact, not infrequently this pain is accompanied by the appearance of a lump in the area of ​​the forehead which if pressed will feel like there is liquid in it.

If you experience this, it means that sinusitis suffered has entered a fairly severe condition.


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