Complete Things About Sound Pollution

Complete Things About Sound Pollution

Sound Pollution: Causes, Examples of Types and Impacts – Sound pollution is a disturbance in an environment caused by sound or sound that results in the insecurity of living things around the sound.

Sound pollution occurs due to high-volume or loud-pitched sound that eventually causes noise and makes displeasure around creatures.

Sound or noise in the value of pollution or not is a subjective judgment.

That means it depends on the response of every living creature (human, animal) who hears the sound, it could be that one of the people around the sound will feel noisy and one of them feels normal.

Sound Pollution Measurement


Although sound pollution is a subjective assessment, there are parameters that can be used to measure the level of noise pollution both in a simple and direct manner.

We start by measuring sound pollution in a simple way, namely by using a sound level meter, usually measured by dB (A) sound pressure for 10 minutes for each measurement.

But the reading is done every 5 seconds.

The second method is the direct method that is carried out with an integrating sound level meter that has an LTM5 measuring facility, meaning Leq with a measuring time of 5 seconds (seconds), the measurement is carried out for 10 minutes.

Causes of air pollution


Air pollution is caused by sound or sound issued by an object that sounds so loud that it can interfere with the environment and living things in the area.

This noise level disturbs the surrounding environment so that it becomes noise pollution.

Until now pollution or noise pollution occurs from aircraft noise.

This aircraft engine works very fast to push the fuselage so that the sound produced feels hard and makes people feel noisy.

Besides noise pollution can be caused by the sound of trains, modified motorized vehicles, lightning, speakers or TOA that are of low quality, so that people around feel noisy because they are disturbed.

In detail, the causes of air pollution can be made as a list as follows:

Noise from an Airplane Engine

Sounds from land transportation such as trains, modified motorized bicycles (wor bikes)

Loud sounds from nature such as lightning or the sound of volcanic eruptions

Buzzing sound from TOA or Speaker that is in a bad condition

The Impact of Sound Pollution


The impact that can be felt from air pollution, of course, is the subjective of each person who receives the noise.

But if there are people who live in areas that have noise every day, for example a place to live near the airport, he might experience stress due to noise or noise pollution coming from the plane.

As a result of which occurs from noise pollution not only to stress, even noise pollution can increase blood pressure significantly in people who feel noise.

That way, people who suffer from heart disease and other diseases related to high blood pressure will easily relapse.

In addition, noise pollution is identical with loud and noisy sounds that can interfere with hearing.

Every human being and living thing in this world needs peace and tranquility and a peaceful atmosphere in his life.

But pollution or noise pollution grabs it all, especially people who live around the airport or in the industrial area (noisy factory machinery).

The level of noise experienced by them is quite high.

An example of a real impact caused by some noise pollution I have explained above, but more clearly I will make a list below.

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