How to write a romance short story

How to write a romance short story

Short stories are the right place to tell a short and clear story.

However, to make a romantic story in a short story quite difficult.

The author must make sure the story to be told matches a shorter number of words.

Short stories have five storylines, they are the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

Therefore, in order to make the story good we will share you tips about how to write a romance short story.

The Main Tips on How to Write a Romance Short Story

1. Start with an action.

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The very first step is action.

So it doesn’t waste time and words at the beginning or end of the story.

It also does not require many characters and scenes that are needed.

So, the reader will immediately understand the purpose of this short story.

Not all stories can be conveyed in short stories as well.

2. Don’t make the reader confused or bother to understand the story.

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Tell the reader about the important things in the story.

They do not need to know everything the author knows about the number of characters and their respective characteristics.

The reader will easily to know if the short story (cerpen) presented is conveyed well.

The reader only needs to know the purpose, conflict and final resolution of the story.

3. The writing that you make must be able to describe what you mean.

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Practice your writing to make those parts really appear in their imagination without any doubt.

The selection of the right and appropriate words is very helpful for the reader to understand the story line.

This is what makes writers have to be smart because not all feelings can be expressed in the form of writing.

4. Conversations between characters and physical cues can make the character live in the imagination of the reader.

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This in the key on how to write a romance short story.

Through conversations between characters, the author does not need to bother bringing the reader to know the purpose of the story.

Usually, this helps to lead the reader in the story conflict, so that the emotional side is obtained.

5. Don’t be hasty in completing a short story.

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Time is not the most important thing.

Readers will not be impressed by how quickly we make short stories.

However, readers will be amazed at the content of our short stories that make brands interested emotionally.

6. Understand the formula for making romantic stories.

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The formula is usually about men meeting women, men losing women and men getting women.

This is a basic formula that has been used for a long time.

Now, you have to develop the storyline.

7. Creating the romance of love between the two partners.

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An interesting story is that the love story depicted does not go smoothly, there must be something that makes it stop as constrained because of age, family status, property, place of residence until there are other people who damage the relationship.

Make the characters in the story as heroes to fight for love.

Make readers care and feel what is in the story.

8. Happy ending.

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You must make the end of the story satisfying for the reader.

If the author does not make this, it will destroy your story and the interest of the reader.

The favorite storyline is when men get the dream girl at the end of the story.

The important thing to remember when writing any type of fiction genre is that no matter what word is used, there is nothing in vain.

Every word has its place and portion and everything is important.

Therefore it is very good to try to write short stories because writing short stories is a great way to learn how not to waste words.

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Good luck!

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