Impress Your Guests with Minimalist yet Impressive Bar Stools

Impress Your Guests with Minimalist yet Impressive Bar Stools

Some people would love to add a small bar in their living room so they can please their guests with assorted beverages easily.

If you’re planning to complete your living room with a bar, it is really important to provide the right minimalist bar stools.

Pick bar stools that will seamlessly blend with the bar, match the style of your bar, and keep your guests comfortable.

If your awesome bar stools are able to make your guests feel comfortable, they’ll spend more time with you and keep in their mind that you have incredible place.

Though there are thousands of bar stools available out there, you need to pick the right one based on the key factors you’ll find down here.

Clues that Lead to Best yet Minimalist Bar Stools

1. Watch the interior style of your home

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Have a minimalist bar stools for living room is quite elegant yet very luxurius.

Cute vintage bar stools will destroy your home’s minimalist interior.

It is truly important to match the bar stools and interior style in order to make your bar as cohesive addition.

Instead of wooden bar stools, pick plastic or metal bar stools to add the minimalist feels in your living room.

Metal stools with contemporary style are especially perfect for apartment.

2. Minimalist bar stools with the right features

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One of many ways to keep your guests comfortable is using the adjustable bar stools.

Those adjustable stools are going to accommodate your guests of different heights.

Bar stools with footrests are the other amazing options.

Your guests will absolutely feel more comfortable when they find place to rest their feet.

3. Different bar stools for different bar

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How tall is your meja bar?

If your home bar is standard bar, high bar stools are excellent choice to complement the bar.

But if your bar is actually kitchen counter, standard bar stools can be too high and won’t make your guests feel comfortable.

Look for counter stools if you don’t want to get the adjustable bar stools.

4. Bar stools’ back for maximum comfort

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Speaking about the right back of bar stools, it actually depends on comfort level and look you want.

The most famous option is actually backless ones, especially when you want the swivel stools.

But there are also high-back stools for maximum comfort and low-back tools that look just like the backless stools and less comfortable than the high-back stools.

5. Comfortable material of bar stools’ seating

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The most popular seating material of many bar stools is leather.

For modern living room, minimalist stools made from plastic or metal with monochrome colored leather seating are the right choice.

Leather seating on wooden bar stools are the right option if you are looking for stools that will complete traditional bar in rustic themed living room.

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