Recognize Signs of Breast Cancer in Men and their Management

Recognize Signs of Breast Cancer in Men and their Management

Not a few who think that breast cancer only occurs in women. But the fact is not so, breast cancer in men is also very possible. Indeed breast cancer in women and men is different, because men have lower breast tissue compared to women.

Men also have a lower risk of breast cancer, but this must be watched out for.

The following we have summarized how to recognize breast cancer signs in men:

1. Lumps

Lumps are the main sign of breast cancer in both men and women. Men usually tend to ignore it compared to women.

Naturally, because these lumps are generally not accompanied by pain, only sometimes it feels soft to the touch. If cancer cells have spread, inflammation can occur to the armpit area.

2. Open Wounds

Nipples that have open wounds are extreme symptoms, which indicate tumor growth through the skin.

Because the breast tissue in men is not as much as in women, the wound symptoms will look like pimples that have been squashed, bleed to fester. If you have symptoms like this, chances are you have breast cancer in men.

3. Milk nipples

The position of the nipples upside down indicates the growth of malignant tumors or breast cancer. Cancer cells that grow can attract ligaments in the breast. As a result, it can make the nipples become dented, dry to scaly.

4. Fluid out

If you notice stains in the chest area of the shirt, it can indicate the presence of fluid coming out of the nipple.

The fluid may be a liquid tumor that accumulates in the breast tissue so that it exits through the nipple duct.

Effective Ways to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

The most effective way to reduce the risk of contracting breast cancer in men is by reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages, exercising regularly to maintain weight through a healthy combination of foods.

Even so, the cause of male breast cancer is still not known in depth. Therefore, the best strategy to reduce the number of deaths caused by this disease is by early detection and appropriate treatment.

It is strongly recommended that you immediately see a doctor if you notice a lump in the breast or if you have a problem related to the nipple, such as ulceration and discharge. This problem does not always mean the appearance of breast cancer, but you still need further examination.

Male Breast Cancer Treatment

Usually treatment can be done by surgery to remove cancer in the affected part of the chest. Generally surgery will be followed by long-term hormone blocking therapy using drugs such as tamoxifen.

Tamoxifen itself can help block the effects of hormones in the breast area that have been shown to develop cancer cells. This drug should prevent the return of cancer so that it does not grow or contract again in the area and the cancer cells die.

In some cases of breast cancer in men, radiotherapy or chemotherapy will be carried out with the same goal, namely to remove the cancer cells.

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