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The Path Isn’t Always Forward

· April 22nd

You hear it all the time, “keep moving forward, not backward”, “put one foot in front of the other”, “never stop trying”, but if only it were that easy. The truth is, the path to accomplishing your goals isn’t always forward and everyone needs time to rest once in a while to assess where they are. For the last few years, on my birthday I’ve set a single goal for that year, sort of like…

Your Dogma is Bullshit

· March 4th

When I say your dogma is bullshit I don’t mean your opinions or values are wrong, only that there is no guarantee they’re right for me. If you’re confused, don’t worry, for a long time so was I. Every day we see posts like 12 Ways to Become a Better Designer in 2013, Your Code is My Hell, or Please Stop Using Twitter Bootstrap (which I actually happen to agree with, but I’ll get to…