Abhimanyu Ghoshal

Abhimanyu Ghoshal is a technology journalist, magazine editor, photographer, and musician based in Bangalore, India. He also fancies himself a traveler, street food gourmet and design connoisseur, but that's besides the point. He has been writing about design, technology and apps for over two years, mostly because he has forgotten how to code.

Ainsley Wagoner

Ainsley is designer and 2014 Code for America Fellow for Puerto Rico. She's interested in the intersection of simple, pretty, and slightly weird. She has a background in architecture and music. Other interests include Boston Terriers and Beyoncé.

Andy Luce

Andy Luce lives and works as a designer, letterer and artist. When not creating art for clients, Andy pursues his passions of wood working, tending his small but beloved window-box garden, exploring on his bike and cherishing time with his wife Liz.

Ash Huang

Ash is a designer and illustrator at Pinterest, where she endeavors to fix the Internet more often than she breaks it. Her pixelled past includes Twitter and Code and Theory. An avid knitter, adventurer, dog person and reformed early riser.

Brian Lovin

Brian is a front end designer and developer from Denver, Colorado. He is the founder and owner of The Kollection, a site dedicated to sharing free music online. Design and development has been a large part of his life for the past 5 years, as both a freelancer and full-time designer in various positions.

Cat Noone

Cat Noone is the Co-founder and Designer for Liberio. When she's not working on some nifty new ideas, she enjoys chatting, speaking at conferences and writing about the latest in design and tech. Cat is big on fun opportunities, connecting with others and traveling.

Daniel Feeney

Daniel is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Stemmings. Currently living in Louisville, Kentucky, he has an appreciation for refined, simple design and enjoys talking shop with others in the industry. Outside Stemmings, he loves good music, Five Guys, and trying his hand at photography.

Dan Malarkey

I'm currently the UX/UI Designer at the software engineering firm feature[23]. I live in NE Florida with my wife, two cats and a dog. I'm a soon-to-be dad to a little girl who will write better code than me.

Kyle Dreger

Kyle is a student, designer and computerist from Ohio. He's fascinated with the emotional connections we make with good design, and strives to create software that will create real value in the lives of his users.

Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in custom lettering, illustration, graphic design, and art direction. A proud Texas native, he works from his tiny studio in New York City on a wide variety of projects for clients such as Nike, Google, The New York Times, McDonald's, Urban Outfitters, and many others.

Hidde van der Ploeg

Hidde van der Ploeg is a Dutch designer born with the interest of technology and wondering how things work. Raised in a little town called Leeuwarden where he started as a freelancer with the alias Hidden Color. Later he moved to Amsterdam to start his career at IceMobile. He started design as an web designer, And so he found his way into Interface Design. He likes to push pixels to make digital products as easy as possible, because the product is as good as it is useable.

Jeff Buchanan

I was born and raised. I'm now a twenty-year-old designer + illustrator living somewhere around Chicago, IL. I enjoy expanding my mind, skateboarding, meeting new people, and some other stuff.

Jake Dugard

Jake Dugard is a designer and screen printer working and living in Louisiana with his beautiful wife, Stephanie. He is also working towards his MFA at Louisiana Tech University and is projected to graduate in May 2014. As a designer and printer, he loves exploring projects that blend traditional processes with new technologies.

Jasmin Wong

Jasmin is a designer based in Sydney, Australia. Her interests include photography, architecture, gardening, and travel. In her work, she is especially interested in paring down details to find balance between an exquisite user experience and impeccable aesthetic. She is currently Designer and Co-founder at Millet Co.

Justin Edmund

Justin is a product designer working at Pinterest in San Francisco. Previously, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon's Communication Design program. He enjoys design process, systems thinking, and long walks on the beach.

James Wilson

A carpenter for ten years I landed in the web industry somewhat by accident. Now I take the lessons I learned from building with wood, sweat and steel and apply them to the code, images and language that make up the web. I'm currently working as a front-end dev by day and building my own product, typecards, by night. You can find me hanging out in Boston or any of the usual networks online.

Jordan Koschei

Jordan is a designer, developer, and essayist living in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley. He has a degree in Entrepreneurship, though he maintains that such a thing cannot be taught. He is also the opinion editor at The Industry.

Joel Glovier

Joel Glovier is front-end designer and developer. Joel lives in the Central Pennsylvania and works remotely for GitHub. He loves spending time with his wife and kids, and working on side projects like Dev Tees and

Jonathan Lawrence

Jonathan is a graphic designer born in Jacksonville, Florida, and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. When he's not hunched over a computer, you may find Jonathan hanging at the park with his dog, playing the drums, type hunting, or cheering on the Jaguars and Braves.

Joseph Alessio

I play 7 instruments, am left-handed and once shot an evil raccoon out of a tree with a .38 revolver. Incidentally, I also design, illustrate and draw letters. Inspired by the mountains and the valleys; culture and communication; things modern and ancient; and the opportunity to make everyday things beautiful every day. Aspiring renaissance man.

Joseph Marsh

Joseph is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Colorado, who's not-so-secret childhood dream is to be a Disney Imagineer. When he's not pushing pixels around the screen you can usually find him pulling espresso shots, cutting, folding, and gluing his papercraft projects, or hiking up the face of a mountain. He loves deep conversations about life, the smell of ocean surf, the stars in an unmolested Rocky Mountain night sky, and the sound of that first ping of coffee hitting the pot in the morning (did I mention he likes coffee?).

Justin Mezzell

Justin Mezzell is an illustrator and designer currently nesting in Orlando, FL with his wife and small dog. He's typically inspired by space, the natural world, corn dogs, and Oxford commas. Sometimes other things, but never by none of the things. He bides his time between Wes Anderson films trying not to refer to himself in the third person. But he did here and he apologizes.

Kevin Anderson

Kevin is a young Dutch designer with a mission. He is always interested in new adventures and seeking out new possibilities. But most of all, he's is a lover of life. Kevin is currently working on the barebones time tracking application, Punchclock.

Linda Eliasen

Linda is one of the beanie babies everyone thought would be worth a lot of money because of a misprint on her tag but now sits in a box underneath her old bed at her parent's house.

Marcus Edvalson

I have been working in interactive design for over a decade in Los Angeles, and currently serve as Director of Product for HYPERHYPER LA, in addition to my own creative and entrepreneurial endeavors. I also enjoy my life as a father, husband, cyclist and sipper of fine bourbons.

Margot Harrington

Raised in Minnesota and made in Chicago, Margot is graphic designer and sometimes teacher. She founded her design studio, Pitch Design Union, in 2008 and has been captivated by all forms of making and doing ever since. Margot’s collaborations run a gamut of media from letterpress to CSS. Her friends include ampersands, the whole of Chicago, old musty books, new recipes, bike rides and all things vintage.

Matt Chase

Matt Chase is a designer and illustrator living and working in Washington, DC. His work has been recognized by Applied Arts, AIGA, The Society of Publication Design, Communication Arts, HOW, Coupe, The Art Director’s Club, The DC Ad Club and the Dallas Society of Visual Communication.

Michael Ciarlo

Michael Ciarlo is a designer in New York City with a knack for creative direction, product development, and front-end engineering. He can frequently be found trying to encourage public awareness around technology, politics, and the environment.

Mike McQuade

Mike McQuade has over nine years of experience as a multidisciplinary designer & illustrator. He believes that hard work, persistence, and a strong focus on craft leads to better work for his clients and other self-initiated projects. Mike describes his style as raw and always transforming. "I let the ideas lead the executions, I try not to let style come first". Mike is currently working as an art director, designer and illustrator for both large and small brands, various ad agencies, editorial publications, design firms, start ups and his own self-initiated projects and artwork

Michael Mulvey

Michael has been working in the field of interactive design for over 14 years. He's taught courses on interactive design at Rutgers University and FIT and successfully funded a Kickstarter project, Bicycles For Our Minds. He's been blogging at Daily Exhaust for over 7 years and has been quoted on industry sites like Daring Fireball, Loop Insight, parislemon, Shawn Blanc and 512 Pixels.

Missy Titus

Missy is an SF based designer at StackMob. She previously UI'd at MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, and Cal Poly. She's enthusiastic about UX, visual design, and the psychology of persuasion. She's also pretty into iced espresso, equality, and space. She does not fear the robot takeover.


Morgan, is an enthusiastic and passionate Interaction Designer from the UK.

Ricky Linn

My name's Ricky Linn and I'm a graphic design student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. I like to think of myself as a robot simply for the fact that I wish to trick my brain into thinking that I do not require sleep.

Ricardo Vazquez

Ricardo is a User Interface and User Experience Designer based in Toronto, Canada. Design was an accident for him, but he fell in love with the recklessness of it. His interests lie in culture, design, aeshetic, wit, reality, existence, history, education, thought, and the relentless pursuit of happiness.

Shawn Wilkins

As creator of Culture Milk, Shawn brings excellence and creativity to a site that's bred in thought and intelligence. Being able to have full articles that discuss popular topics here on Stemmings, he plans to show what the tech world is like to your average person and what your average person is missing. It's a race with multiple finish lines.

Krystyn Heide

Design Director at Levo. Former Squarespace Lieutenant. I love jukeboxes, curly braces, handclaps, comically false eyelashes, and everything sci-fi.

Shawn Borsky

Shawn is a serious coffee addict and interface designer based out of San Francisco. With somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 years in design and interface design he has worked in video games, small business, automobiles, various websites/apps, hotels and now analytics and mobile marketing. He currently sips his coffee and works as Creative Director at Upsight.

Dan Matutina

Dan Matutina is a designer and illustrator based in the Philippines. His illustration style is a mix of handmade & digital, clean & dirty, old & modern aesthetics. He loves mixing colors with different textures & shapes to tell a story. Dan was one of the the co-founders of Ideals and just recently started Plus63 Design Co. with clients ranging from Mediatemple to WIRED to McDonald's.

Sharlene King

Sharlene King is a designer based in Chicago, working at Morningstar, Inc. where, within the first week, she sang Wilson Phillips during a business unit karaoke session. She lives on the internet by the name Typodactyl. If the opportunity comes along to buy her a drink, she'll gladly accept a glass of bourbon neat. Other people named Sharlene King include a pilates instructor, a British MMA fighter, and a wombat conservationist.

Victor Erixon

Young Designer from Sweden with craving for success in life, never sleeping, and always spending time with his hobby, which is design. Currently residing in New York.